Real-Time mobile apps available for iPhone and Android

CATA and Appek LLC, are pleased to offer free real time mobile applications for both iPhone (versions 4.0 or newer) and Android users.

Both apps are called CATA and are available for free download through the Google Play or the Apple App Store. Both current versions allow riders to view all of the CATABUS route maps, with current bus locations and bus stops on Google Map. You can still create groups in “Favorites” to allow viewing of multiple bus routes simultaneously. Version 2.0 now includes real time departures from every stop.

Real-time schedule replaces regular schedules in new version

Real-time departures for every route at every stop is now available by clicking on any stop. The addition of that feature combined with concerns from users about the size of the former apps (8.0 MB) means this version no longer includes the regular schedules.

CATABUS iPhone app

CATABUS Android app

For those riders who would still like to have access to those schedules they are still available below as a separate download. The file below is a collection of the print versions of CATABUS Service Calendar, and copies of every Campus and Community Route schedule. Those schedules are also available as individual downloads from the corresponding pages of this website.

CATABUS schedules (5.7 MB)

Second "full feature" CATABUS Android app available

screen shot of CATA+ app

"CATA+ is an Android-only app that aims to provide you with more features. It shows your GPS location, the closest stop to you for any route, and stop identification by tapping on a stop. It also includes all the other features you'd expect from a bus-tracking app like route time schedules and custom route groups to display multiple routes on a single map."

screen shot of CATA+ app
CATA+ icon

This new app is called CATA+ and is available for free download through the Google Play.

Penn State Mobile site includes bus tracking for all CATABUS routes

"The PSU Mobile web app provides essential PSU information and services anytime, anywhere on your mobile device, with an interface optimized for on-the-go access."

Penn State Mobile screen shot

To use the PSU Mobile Web, you'll need a web-capable mobile device, such as an iPhone (or iPod Touch), Android or BlackBerry (OS 6 is fully supported; not all features are available on OS 5). The site uses Google Maps API v3 for all of the map content including the bus tracking module. Click here for a full list of the browsers that v3 supports.

This new site now includes a bus tracking feature for both the CATABUS Campus and Community Service routes. This mobile site offers the same level of accuracy on bus locations as the full featured CATABUS locator on this website but in a format designed for mobile devices.

Penn State Mobile Shuttle Tracker screen shot