"Bus 101": Introduction to CATA

Embarrassed to ask questions about riding the bus or using any of CATA’s many services? Although you need not be, you’re not alone. The first seven video presentations here are provided to help improve the quality and ease of your bus riding experienceis.You will learn what services are available to help meet your transportation needs along with the procedures and policies in place to help ensure that your bus riding experience is as pleasant as it can be. After watching these short video presentations, you'll have the knowledge and know-how to utilize CATA services to their fullest potential. So sit back, relax, and see just how easy using the bus can be!

The last video, CATA CNG Program, is a summary of CATA's nationally-recognized Clean Natural Gas Program.

Welcome to CATA

Using CATA services is a great way to get just about anywhere in the area, but like anything new, the first time you ride the bus, or take advantage of of any of the other CATA services, you may have a few questions...or a lot of questions. Click here to view a short video introducing CATA to you.

CATA Services

Click here to view a short video that provides an overview of the three groups of services CATA provides: CATABUS, CATACOMMUTE and CATARIDE.

Riding the CATABUS

Once you know the basics of bus riding, your trips can be care free, efficient and enjoyable. Click here to view a short video that will show you everything you need to know about bus riding....but were afraid to ask.

CATABUS Riding Facts, Tips & Tricks

Bus drivers are a great source of information and can provide some really great advice when it comes to riding the bus. Click here to view two short videos that will show you some of the ins and outs of riding the bus and provide some advice from the driver’s perspective, all aimed at helping you get the most out of your ride.

CATABUS Route & Schedule Info

Route and schedule information is available in several different formats. Click here to view a short video that will show you where to find that information and how to use it.

Bike Racks

To best serve our bike riding CATABUS riders, easy-to-use bike racks have been installed on all CATABUS buses. Click here to view a short video showing how easy they are to use.


To serve senior citizens and individuals whose disabilities prevent their use of the CATABUS service, CATA offers CATARIDE-a curb to curb transportation service. Click here to view a short video on CATARIDE.


Go green AND save money with CATACOMMUTE, a family of CATA services that includes Rideshare, Vanpools, Guaranteed Ride Home and Park & Ride. Click here to view a short video that will help you choose the right service for you.

CATA CNG Program

One of CATA’s claims to fame is its nationally-recognized Clean Natural Gas Program. In 1993 CATA took steps to go “green” and by 2005 became the first transportation agency on the East Coast to have replaced its entire fleet with one that operates solely on clean compressed natural gas. Click here to view a short video that will show you more about the program and where CATA’s heading in the future.

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