Fare Options and Information

There is no fare required for the CATABUS Campus Service (LOOP and LINK Routes.) A fare is required for every one-way trip on the 23 Community Service Routes. Cash, tokens, transfers and passes are the available fare options. While CATA accepts LionCash+ for the purchase of tokens and passes at the Customer Service Center, LionCash+ cannot be used to pay the cash fare on the buses. The exceptions to the required fare are noted below (under Passes).

Payment options for the purchase of tokens and passes: In addition to cash or personal checks accompanied by proper photo identification, CATA accepts LionCash+ and all major credit cards for debit or credit purchases of tokens and passes at the Customer Service Center.

Penn State Reduced-Fare Transit Programs:

Penn State University Transportation Services provides access to reduced-fare CATABUS service to/from campus for eligible Penn State full-time employees and graduate students. For more information, visit the University Parking Office at 1 Eisenhower Parking Deck, call (814) 865-1436 or visit www.transportation.psu.edu.



$1.75: Exact change only, drivers do not carry change.

Tokens (one token is valid for one fare)

Token singles: $1.75
Roll of 20: $34.00
Tokens are available at both CATA offices and at the following locations:

CAMPUS: The HUB Information Desk and the seven Commons Desks (Findlay, Pollock, Nittany, Redifer, Waring, Warnock and White Course)

: Student Book Store and McLanahan’s Student Store-Penn State Room

TRANSFERS: If you are using cash or tokens as fare and you need to take more than one CATABUS Community route trip to complete a one-way trip, ask the driver of the first bus you board for a transfer when you board that first bus. Transfers are free and are valid for up to one hour as substitute fare for the second bus ride needed to continue your one-way trip. Transfers cannot be used for return trips.


For frequent riders, CATA offers the "ONEPASS", good for unlimited rides on all CATABUS Community routes. Monthly passes are sold in increments of one and four months based on the following cost schedule:

OnePass prices

1 month pass


4 month pass


OnePasses are available for any length of time you desire.  The price for the combinations of 1 month and 4 month passes you will need to cover various numbers of months is below:


 Price Calculation


2 months

2 one-month passes ($69 each)


3 months

3 one-month passes ($69 each)


5 months

1 four-month pass ($268), plus 1 one-month pass ($69)


6 months

1 four-month pass ($268), plus 2 one-month passes ($69 each)


7 months

1 four-month pass ($268), plus 3 one-month passes ($69 each)


8 months

2 four-month passes ($268 each)


9 months

2 four-month passes ($268 each), plus 1 one-month pass ($69)


10 months

2 four-month passes ($268 each), plus 2 one-month passes ($69 each)


11 months

2 four-month passes ($268 each), plus 3 one-month passes ($69 each)


12 months

3 four-month passes ($268 each)


The “ONEPASS” is available in monthly increments ranging from 1 to 12 months, beginning on any day of a given month. For example, a pass for three months which begins on March 21st will expire on June 20th.

"ONEPASSES" may be purchased at the CATA Customer Service Center during regular office hours. If you already have a "ONEPASS", you can order your next pass by mail; click here for the order form, which includes instructions and must be completed and mailed to CATA with your payment. Please call CATA at (814) 238-2282 if you have questions about how to order a pass by mail.

Family Passes are available and valid for unlimited use of all CATABUS routes and include additional passes for a spouse and all immediate family members under 18 years of age (minimum of 3 related persons to qualify as a family). The cost for a Family Pass is equal to two times the regular pass rate (eg. a four month Family Pass would cost $536.00).

Youth Passes are available for riders under the age of 18 for a deeply discounted cost of $23.00 per month, and offer unlimited access to all CATABUS routes.  To qualify for discount, riders must present either a valid middle or high school identification card, or a statement signed by a parent (available here), to verify age.

CATA Pass agreement

Exceptions to the required fare


Children Under 40" Tall (accompanied by an adult)

Persons age 65 and Older
Persons age 65 and older may ride free on CATABUS Community Service routes service (and on local transit systems throughout the state of Pennsylvania) whenever the service is in operation, by swiping a Senior Citizen Transit Identification Card as they board. Persons presenting a Medicare Card pay half of the fare. The Senior Citizen Transit Identification Card is available free of charge by completing and printing the form here and bringing it along with proof of age to the CATA Customer Service Center; forms are also available at the Customer Service Center.

Reduced Fare: $0.85

Individuals with disabilities may use CATABUS Community Service for half of the cash fare by presenting a CATABUS Reduced Fare Photo Identification Card or a valid U.S. Medicare Card, in which case the Driver may ask for additional photo identification. The CATABUS Reduced Fare Card is available free of charge at the CATA Customer Service Center. An application and either a doctor’s certification of disability or valid U.S. Medicare Card are required.  Patrons enrolled in this Reduced Fare program are eligible to purchase reduced fare tokens, to be used in place of required $0.85 cash fare. Each token is valid for a one-way trip when presented with the CATABUS Reduced Fare Identification Card or a valid U.S. Medicare Card.  Tokens are sold individually, or in rolls of 20 for $17.00, at the CATA Customer Service Center.  

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