Carry-On Policy

All items brought on board by passengers must either be held on the passenger’s lap, or sit on the floor at their feet, without blocking the aisle of the bus.  Packages cannot be placed on the wheel well of the bus. In addition, drivers cannot be expected to load passenger’s packages, carts or strollers or to watch a passenger’s packages. Packages cannot take up a seat if there are passengers standing.

Exceptions will be made in the following situations:

Recognized ADA Mobility Devices
When a passenger boards with a recognized ADA approved mobility device, the device will be secured as stated under CATA’s securement policy.

Large Items in Priority Seating Area
When a passenger boards with a stroller or shopping cart, the stroller or cart must be situated, by the passenger, in a manner that does not block the aisle, entrance, or exit of the bus.  It is the passenger’s responsibility to maintain an adequate hold on the stroller or cart so that it may not pose physical threat or harm to other passengers on board.  When possible, the priority seating area can be used as an area in which to place the item, however, if the area is already occupied, the area does not have to be vacated to accommodate the stroller or cart.  

If an older adult or person with disabilities boards the bus and need to sit in the priority seating area, any items in this area must be moved. The passenger who placed the item in the priority seating area can decide if they would rather fold the cart, or collapse the stroller, etc. or if they would rather exit the bus. Seating for older adults and people with disabilities will always have priority for this area over that of packages or strollers. 

Full-sized bikes are not permitted inside the bus. Folding bikes can be carried inside the bus, must be handled in the same way as any package above.

Hazardous Materials
Passengers may not carry on any D.O.T. specified hazardous material, which does include common hazards such as gasoline or batteries.

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