Rider Conduct (CATABUS)

CATA asks that you respect the rights of other riders and follow the rules below. Parent bringing children on-board are responsible for ensuring their child(ren)’s compliance as well. Violators may be subject to exclusion from service.

Prohibited conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following:

• Refusing to pay proper fare
• Harassing drivers
• Drinking alcoholic beverages
• Playing music that can be heard by others
• Eating and/or drinking (food and drink may be transported in a sealed container)
• Sleeping, lying down, or occupying more than one seat
• Disturbing other riders with loud, harmful, or harassing behavior
• Carrying weapons
• Putting feet on the seats
• Not wearing a shirt or shoes
• Using profanity
• Smoking (including electronic cigarettes)

Please refrain from using your cell phone when interacting with the Driver and remove headphones and earbuds.

See the CATA How-To videos Riding the CATABUS and CATABUS Riding Facts, Tips & Tricks for more detail on expected rider conduct on CATA busses.

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